General Terms and Conditions Wager Brothers N.V.

Version: 1.1.
Date: 01.01.2022

Welcome to our website.

To use our services, you must create an account and accept the terms and conditions below.

1. Entry

1.1 These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “T&C”) constitute the agreement between Wager Brothers N.V., ID: 141652, Address: Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curacao (hereinafter “We” or “Us”) operating the websites / (hereinafter “Site”) and you (hereinafter “You” or “Gambler”). The Site is operated by the Wager Brothers N.V. which provides its services under the License No. 8048/JAZ2017-002 issued by Antillephone, authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao. The payments on the Site are processed by Wager Brothers N.V. substitute in Cyprus – Wager Brothers LTD, ID: HE 378153, registered address: Strovolou, 77, STROVOLOS CENTRE, 2nd floor, Flat/Office 204, Strovolos, 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus.

1.2 These T&C entered into force on the 1st of January 2022.

1.3 You are required to read the T&C before You start using the services of the Site. If you do not agree to these T&C, you are not allowed to use the services of the Site.

1.4 Registration at and visits to the Site are confirmation of your agreement with the T&C.

1.5 The Site reserves the right to amend the T&C at any time.

2. Liability





3. General Terms and Breach of the T&C.

3.1 We reserve the right to revise or amend the T&C at any time. You should visit our website periodically to review the T&C. Amendments are deemed effective immediately upon posting on our website. Using the services of the Site after the publication of the amendments is confirmation of your acceptance of these amendments.

3.2 Without limiting our other remedies, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse to continue to provide you with the service on our Website, in either case without giving you prior notice, if, in our reasonable opinion you breach any material term of the T&C. Notice of any such action taken will, however, be promptly provided to you.

4. Your Obligations

You declare and warrant that at all times when accessing the Site and using the service:

4.1 You shall make use of the Services strictly in Your personal non-professional capacity, on Your own behalf and expressly not on the behalf of any other person or company. You shall only make use of our Site for recreation and entertainment purposes, in accordance with these T&C, all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Any use of our Site by a corporate player or for commercial purposes is prohibited.

4.2 Upon the suspicion of any use of our Site in breach of article 4.1, We reserve the right to change or terminate any bonus offer, cancel any winnings, and close the Gambler accounts involved.

4.3 You are over 18 years old, or the legal age at which gambling, or gaming activities are allowed under the law or jurisdiction that applies to you. We reserve the right to request proof of age document from you at any time.

4.4 You are of legal capacity and can enter into a binding legal agreement with us. You must not access the website or utilize the service if you are not of legal capacity.

4.5 You will not use a VPN, proxy or similar services or devices that mask or manipulate the identification of your real location.

4.6 You are authorized user of the payment method you use.

4.7 You will make all payments to us in good faith and not attempt to reverse a payment or take any action which will cause such payment to be reversed by a third party.

4.8 You acknowledge that when placing bets you may lose some or all of your money deposited on the website in accordance with the T&C and you shall be fully responsible for that loss. Therefore you agree that you may earn and lose money using the website services.

4.9 You are not acting on behalf of another party or for any commercial purposes, but solely on your own behalf as a private individual in a personal capacity.

4.10 You will not either attempt to manipulate any element within the Site in bad faith nor in a manner that may adversely affect the integrity of the Site.

4.11 You must generally act in good faith in relation to use of the Site at all times and for all bets made using the service.

5. Restrictions

You must not use the Site if:

5.1 You are under the age of 18 years (or below the age of majority as stipulated in the laws of the jurisdictions applicable to you).

5.2 You are not legally able to enter into a binding legal agreement with Us or you acting as an agent for, or otherwise on behalf, of a person under 18 years.

5.3 You reside in a country in which access to online gambling to its residents or to any person within such country is prohibited.

5.4 You reside in any of the following countries, or if You are accessing the Site from any of the following countries:

  • USA
  • France and its territories
  • Belize
  • Belarus
  • UK
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Curacao
  • Bonaire
  • Sint Eustatius
  • Australia
  • Saba
  • Aruba
  • Saint Maarten
  • Sweden
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Singapore
  • Belgium
  • Poland

5.5 You plan to perform any unlawful activity whatsoever.

5.6 You plan to scrape our odds or violate any of our intellectual property rights.

5.7 You plan to sell or transfer your account to any third parties.

6. Creating an Account

6.1 You must create an account in order to bet and play any games through our Site.

6.2 For legal and commercial reasons, it is not allowed to create an account in the above-mentioned countries and to use our Site from these countries. It is not allowed to open accounts in these areas and you should not use the Site.

6.3 When you create an account, you will be asked for your contact information, which includes your name, address, date of birth, as well as phone and e-mail.

6.4 Your account must be created with your own name and correct information. You can only have one account. Any other account you create on our Site will be considered as multiple records.

6.5 Upon the suspicion of the multiple accounts registration by Gambler(s), or upon the suspicion of Gamblers acting in collusion or as a syndicate, the set-up of fictitious accounts or the use of front men, We reserve the right to instantly close such Gambler accounts and also reserve the right to:

6.5.1 Invalidate all transactions made by more than one account;

6.5.2 Return all made deposits and bets back to you;

6.5.3 Cancel all winnings;

6.5.4 If you have more than one account active, all accrued benefits, bonuses may be lost and received from you, you may be asked to return your withdrawals as well.

6.6 If you want to create another account, you should contact us via email on [email protected]. The old account will be closed when a new account is created. However, we reserve the right to refuse such creation of new account for you.

7. Your account

7.1 You should keep your account information protected and up-to-date.

7.2 We may close or suspend an account if We reasonably believe that You are not complying with the T&C, or to ensure the integrity or fairness of the service or if We have other reasonable grounds to do so. We may not always be able to give You prior notice. If we close or suspend your account due to You not complying with the T&C, we may cancel and/or void any of your bets and withhold any money in your account (including the deposit).

7.3 We reserve the right to refuse, restrict, cancel or limit any wager at any time for whatever reason, including any bet perceived to be placed in a fraudulent manner in order to circumvent our betting limits and/or our system regulations.

7.4 If any amount is mistakenly credited to your account, it remains our property and when we become aware of any such mistake, We shall notify You and the amount will be withdrawn from your account.

7.5 You must inform Us as soon as You become aware of any errors with respect to your account.

7.6 Seen the fact that an account is personal to that specific Player, whereby the Player has been identified, and that also the method of payments of any winnings is connected to the Player itself, in order to avoid possible money laundering, terrorist financing or other crimes, Player may not assign, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or encumber in any manner whatsoever any of his/ her rights or obligations under the T&C. In case the Player encumber s any of his/her rights under the Terms and Conditions, the player shall forfeit all his/her rights under the Terms and Conditions towards the Company. In case by law, or by decision of a court the transfer of rights and/ or obligations of the Player is deemed legal, all withdrawals shall be done through the same payment method and payment details chosen by the Player when placing a deposit, to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering policies and regulation.

8. Playing on our Site

8.1 All processing continues in the language in which the operation is started.

8.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that the transaction details are correct.

8.3 You can access your transaction history via the Site.

8.4 We reserve the right, at any time, to terminate the proceedings in whole or in part at our discretion. Transactions are not valid unless they are approved by Us. If You have not received a confirmation email confirming the transaction has been approved, contact our support.

8.5 Once a bet is confirmed, the transaction cannot be cancelled without our written consent.

8.6 Maximum winnings per day: if players wins more than set maximum, operator retains the right to cancel all winnings above the maximum amount. The maximum winnings amount per day (24 hours) is EUR 2,000 / USD 2,000 / RUB 100,000 (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler), any winnings above said maximum winnings amount may be cancelled by Us.

9. Account closure

9.1 Should You wish to close your account with Us, please send an email from your registered email, that you provided Us with while registering the account to our support email.

10. Inactive Accounts

10.1 An inactive account is an account of the Gambler to which the Gambler has not logged into or logged out of for 12 (twelve) consecutive months (“Inactive Player Account”). We reserve the right to charge a monthly administrative fee of EUR 10 or the equivalent in another currency (or the current balance of Inactive Player Account, if less) as long as the balance of such Inactive Player Account remains positive.

10.2 You authorize Us to debit this fee from your Inactive Player Account on the beginning of the month following the day on which your Inactive Player Account is deemed inactive, and on the beginning of every subsequent month that your Inactive Player Account remains inactive. We will stop deducting the fee if the account balance is zero or if the account is re-activated.

11. Deposit of Funds and Withdrawal of Funds

11.1 Withdrawal from the account can be made in any way available at the Site at the time of replenishment.

11.2 The Gambler agrees that all deposits/withdrawals made to/from his/her Gambler account, are transferred to/from bank account(s), debit/credit card(s), wallet or any other payment options available in the Gambler’s country, which belong solely to the Gambler and are in the Gambler’s name. It is prohibited to make any withdrawal from a Gambler account, bank account(s), debit/credit card(s), wallet or any other payment options which do not belong solely to the Gambler. This is in order to prevent that We transfer funds to persons who have not been duly identified by Us, in accordance with anti-money laundering policies and regulations.

11.3 We reserve the right to transfer funds in a way different from the payment method specified by You. We reserve the right to split Gambler’s withdrawal across multiple payment methods and process each part through the respective payment method at our discretion and in accordance with anti-money laundering policies and regulations.

11.4 Requests for withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

11.5 Date of receipt of money on your account depends exclusively on banks and payment systems, to accounts of which the funds are withdrawn.

11.6 In case that verification of your identity is necessary, the duration of processing of your request for withdrawal will be calculated from the date of verification of the requested documents.

11.7 The maximum deposit amount to the account per transaction is EUR 1,000 / USD 1,000 / RUB 100,000 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.8 The maximum deposit amount to the account per day (24 hours) is EUR 5,000 / USD 5,000 / RUB 500,000 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.9 The minimum withdrawal amount from the account per transaction is EUR 2 / USD 2 / RUB 200 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.10 The maximum withdrawal amount from the account per transaction is EUR 1,000 / USD 1,000 / RUB 50,000 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.11 There are no weekly limits for funds withdrawal.

11.12 The daily limit for funds withdrawal depends on player level in loyalty program, however shall never exceed amount of EUR 3,000 / USD 3,000 / RUB 300,000 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.13 The monthly limit for funds withdrawal is EUR 5,000 / USD 5,000 / RUB 500,000 / (or the equivalent in the currency of Gambler).

11.14 Deposits and withdrawals can be made through various payment systems. Procedures, rules and conditions vary depending on the payment system. Cash payments are not accepted by Us.

11.15 Your account is not a bank account and does not have guarantees, insurance or sponsorships, it is not included in any banking insurance system and it is not possible to earn interest from the deposits.

11.16 We reserve the right to recalculate your account and the amount of bets made, regardless of the amount gained, for more than one account, in case that fraud, illegal activity or any other mistake(s) occurred.

11.17 It is your responsibility to inform your local tax authorities and competent authorities of your earnings and losses.

11.18 You can withdraw funds from your account at any time, provided that the following conditions are met:

11.18.1 all deposits made to your account must be clean and there should be no refund request or objection (otherwise the payment request will be cancelled);

11.18.2 all controls specified in the T&C should be completed.

11.18.3 the withdrawal is to be made to the same person that made deposits to your account.

11.18.4 the total value of the Gambler's bets must be equal to or exceed his total value of deposit(s) since the last Gambler's withdrawal of funds or the zero state of the account. If the Gambler fails to meet this condition, We reserve the right to charge a commission in the amount of up to 10% of the withdrawal amount.

11.19 Once your withdrawal request is approved by Us, you must provide all necessary information regarding the transfer of funds. We will make all efforts to process the withdrawal via the payment system and currency chosen by You, but that may not be always possible (and we reserve the right to use a different payment system or currency to process your withdrawal).

11.20 We reserve the right to charge You a fee amounting to costs incurred by us in connection with processing of your deposits and/or withdrawals to/from your account at the Site (bank fees etc.).

11.20.1 You must deposit funds into your account using your own money.

11.20.2 Payments made on your behalf by a third party (a friend, relative, spouse or family member etc.) are not accepted.

11.20.3 If it is noticed during routine security checks that 11.18.1/11.18.2. is not complied with, all deposited funds will be returned to the account/credit card holder that deposited the funds.

11.20.4 If Mastercard refunds are not possible, the cardholder will be required to fill out a 'credit card verification form' and to send us identification documents for confirmation.

11.20.5 Processing of any credit card payment can take up to 5 days.

11.21 When You are making a deposit of 500 EUR or more (or the equivalent in another currency), We may request You to provide us with source of funds for such deposit. In case that You are unable to provide us with relevant source of funds regarding this deposit upon such request, We may temporarily freeze Gambler’s account until the satisfactory source of funds is presented to Us.

12. Errors and other faults

12.1 In the event of an error or malfunction of our systems or processes, all bets are rendered void. We are not responsible for any errors in hardware or software You use or access or for any errors caused by your internet service provider.

12.2 Please keep in mind, that we have the right to recover from you any amount overpaid and adjust your account to rectify any mistake. An example of such mistake might be where a price is incorrect or where we enter a result of an event incorrectly. If there are insufficient funds in your account, we may demand that You pay us the relevant outstanding amount relating to any erroneous bets of wagers. Accordingly, we reserve the right to cancel, reduce or delete any pending plays, whether placed with funds resulting from the error or not.

12.3 We may briefly suspend the availability of the Site (or of its part) if is necessary for maintenance or for fixing of any software or hardware failure or malfunction in the system providing the Site.

13. Responsibilities

13.1 Accessing our Site and using the services on it is entirely your choice and discretion and all risks are yours.

14. Communications and Notices

14.1 All communications and notices to be given under the T&C either by You or by Us shall be in writing in English or Russian language and must be given to and from the registered email address in your account.

14.2 From time to time, you may be contacted by Us by email for the purpose of offering You information about betting, unique promotional offerings, and other information regarding the Site. You agree to receive such emails when You agree to the T&C when registering your account on our Site. You may contact our support to opt out of receiving such emails at any time.

15. Matters Beyond Our Control (Force Majeure)

15.1 We cannot be held liable for any failure or delay in providing the service on our Site due to an event of Force Majeure which could reasonably be considered to be outside our control despite our execution of reasonable preventative measures. Such Force Majeure events may include particularly (but not exclusively): an act of God, trade or labor dispute, power cut, failure or omission of any government authority, obstruction or failure of telecommunication services; or any other delay or failure caused by a third party. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer due to such Force Majeure event. In case of such events, we reserve the right to cancel or suspend the services offered through our Site without incurring any liability from our side.

16. Underage gambling

16.1 We reserve the right to immediately close your account in case we suspect that you are currently under 18 years (or below the age of majority is stipulated in the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you) or that you were below that age when you placed any bets through the service on our Site. We will investigate the matter, including whether you have been betting as an agent for, or otherwise on behalf of, a person under 18 years old. If this is to be proven, we will perform the following:

16.1.1 all winnings currently or due to be credited to your account will be retained;

16.1.2 all funds deposited into your account which are not winning will be returned to You or retained until You turn 18 years old, this to be decided by Us at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to deduct payment transaction fees from the amount to return, including transaction fees for deposits to your Site account which we covered.


17. Illegal activities

17.1 We will seek criminal and contractual sanctions against any of our customers (Gambler) involved in fraud, dishonesty or criminal acts. We will withhold payments to any of our customers (Gambler) where any of the aforementioned acts is suspected. The customer (Gambler) shall indemnify Us and shall be liable to pay Us on demand all costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by Us (including any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of business and loss of reputation) arising directly or indirectly from such customer’s (Gambler’s) fraud, dishonesty or criminal act.

17.2 All necessary steps will be taken by Us to prevent such acts and to detect and determine any persons related to them. We are not responsible for any damage or loss that You or any other gambler may suffer from undercover agreements, fraud or from other illegal activities.

17.3 As a result of any suspicious illegal or inappropriate activity, We reserve the right to share your credentials with authorities, other gaming and betting sites and operators, online service providers and banks, credit card companies, electronic payment system providers and other financial institutions, and we reserve the right to cooperate with them in the investigation of such activities.

17.4 If You have reason to suspect that someone has done fraud or any other illegal activity in connection with our Site, You should let Us know by e-mail.

18. Other prohibited activities

18.1 You should not use the Site’s services and chat functionality in any way or for any purpose that may be considered as insulting, obscene, racist, discriminatory or offensive. You should not use an offensive or offensive language or image and should not be disruptive to other users or Site’s employees.

18.2 You must ensure that no viruses, worms or other negative elements are introduced from your side into the Site. It is strictly forbidden to send bulk mails or spam. You should not attempt to change or interfere with the Site (or any information contained in the Site) in any way.

18.3 The Site must be used for entertainment purposes only. You must not copy any part of the Site.

18.4 You must not conduct (or attempt to conduct) any DDOS attacks (denial of service) or any other similar negative acts. In case You are involved in such acts, relevant authorities will be contacted and your identity information will be shared. Your right to use the Site will be immediately terminated in such case.

18.5 It is forbidden to sell, share or transfer player accounts to other persons.

18.6 You cannot transfer, sell, or pledge your account to another person. This prohibition includes the transfer of any assets of value of any kind, including but not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, rights and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise. The prohibition on said transfers also includes however is not limited to the encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation and/or gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation and/or association in any way shape or form.

19. Intellectual property

19.1 All website design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, selection and editing thereof, software compilations, source code, software and all materials are subject to our copyright and/or other proprietary rights (or subject to copyright and/or other proprietary rights of our third party suppliers). Materials located on our Site may be downloaded solely for personal use on a single personal computer and may not be used for commercial purposes.

19.2 None of our (or our third party suppliers’) rights shall be under any circumstance transferred, assigned or licensed to any user of the Site.

19.3 You must not reproduce or otherwise use any trademark, trade name and/or logo appearing on the Site in any way, unless such use is permitted by law.

20. Complaints

20.1 In order to make any comments about the Site, You should first go through the basics with the customer service unit.

20.2 In the event of any dispute, You agree that server records will be recognized as the decisive source in determining the outcome of any claim.

20.3 If there is any difference between the result on the user screen and the result on the game server, the data on the game server shall be valid and should prevail. You acknowledge that we are the ultimate authority to set the rules and conditions during your participation in any online games on our Site.

20.4 In case of any conflict, your registered email within your account with Us will be used to communicate with You.

21. Divisibility

21.1 If any of the rules within these T&C are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such rule(s) will be removed from the rest of these T&C which will remain in effect to the extent permitted by law. In such cases, invalid or unenforceable parts shall be amended as appropriate and in accordance with the intended meaning and purpose of the original text.

22. Law and Justice

22.1 The T&C are subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of the Curacao, and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive (single) law of the courts of the jurisdiction of the Curacao for the settlement of any disputes (including claims for compensation and counterclaims) which may arise in connection with creation, legitimacy, effect, interpretation or action, or the legal relationship established by the T&C or in any way arising from them.

23. Responsible Gaming

23.1 For Gamblers who want to restrict themselves, there is a voluntary self-restriction policy that allows you to close your account or limit your betting on our website. Please contact our support to learn about the service, and visit our Self-Exclusion Policy to learn more.

23.2 You will be assisted in using the self-restraint service. However, any responsibility will not be accepted by Us if we are unable to identify or notice your usage of the Site.

23.3 We are committed to support responsible gambling, and we encourage you to visit the visit the following sites to learn about the problem with gambling:

Gambling Therapy -

Annex 1 to the General Terms and Conditions.

Bonuses Policy

1. Bonus policy

1.1 General provisions of the bonus policy

To reward players, the Operator uses:

1.1.1 Bonuses (deposit and no deposit ones).

1.1.2 Free spins.

1.1.3 Points in the loyalty program.

1.1.4 Other types of incentives such as promotions.

1.1.5 Accruals, wagering, and use of bonuses and other types of incentives are described in the Bonuses section.

1.2 Restrictions on participation in the bonus policy.

1.2.1 One player can participate in bonus promotions using only one gaming account and using a unique IP. For this reason, don't participate in the bonus policy if you are connected to public networks such as internet cafes, hostels, cafes, workplaces, dorms. Otherwise, the terms of use won't be met.

1.2.2 If the Player is caught opening additional accounts and accounts from the same IP address, which will allow him to receive certain additional bonus rewards, all his winnings received through all accounts will be cancelled and the accounts will be closed at the discretion of the administration.

2. Bonus money and Free spins

2.1 Introduction You can be rewarded with bonuses, bonus money, or free spins at the time of registration or already being a player in our casino. At any time, you can refuse to receive all or any individual bonus, free spins in our casino by contacting the customer service centre (contact email [email protected]) or by writing to our online chat or independently through the interface in the player's profile.

2.2 You must understand the terms of bonuses, free spins in which you will participate. This section contains general terms and conditions for using bonuses, free spins in our casino. In addition, each free spin bonus may also have associated terms and conditions, which will be provided to you at the time the bonus offer is accepted.

3. Bonuses — Add-ons

3.1 All bonuses are based on the following rules. When you receive a bonus:

3.1.1 The bonus amount is added to your bonus balance and stored separately from your cash balance.

3.1.2 When you place a bet, it's deducted from your cash balance. If there are not enough funds in your cash balance, the bet is deducted from your bonus balance.

3.1.3 All winnings are credited to your bonus balance and cannot be withdrawn until the bonus wagering requirements are met. The bonus itself also cannot be withdrawn until the bonus wagering has been completed. In some cases, the bonus is non-withdrawable, which means that it cannot be withdrawn even after wagering.

3.1.4 When the bonus wagering is completed, the amount of funds on your bonus balance, which is associated with the active bonus, is transferred to your cash balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

3.1.5 Not all bets are counted when wagering a bonus, for example, low-risk roulette bets. See below for more details.

3.1.6 Please make sure that you carefully read all terms and conditions related to bonuses.

3.2 Only one bonus can be valid in one special event, as long as our casino doesn't approve otherwise. Only one bonus can be active in your account at any given time.

4. Your Cash and Bonus Balances

4.1 The bonus should be considered a “free bet”, the bonus cannot be considered a cash equivalent. No monetary alternative, replacement, transfer for any of the bonuses are allowed, except as described in these rules.

4.2 You cannot withdraw funds from the bonus balance. When you deposit your funds, they will be added to your “cash balance”. You can withdraw any amount from your cash balance, but you will lose the rest of the amount on your bonus balance.

4.3 An important note, upon the fact that you create a payment request, you automatically cancel all activated bonuses (both "active" and "pending"). Even if your payment request is rejected for one reason or another (for example, checking for fraud), the bonus balance won't be restored!

5. Bets and withdrawals with an active Bonus

5.1 The funds you have deposited will be used primarily for placing bets. Only if you no longer have funds in your cash account, subsequent bets will be deducted from the bonus balance. All winnings that you receive with an active bonus will be credited to the bonus balance, and can only be withdrawn if the bonus wagering requirements are met.

5.2 All withdrawals are subject to compliance with the rules described above and upon presentation of all required identity documents.

5.3 When the bonus wagering is completed, the number of funds on your bonus balance, which is associated with the active bonus, will be transferred to your cash balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

5.4 Please note that by agreeing to receive casino bonuses and receiving bonus winnings over $ 5,000, we reserve the right to limit this claim to a maximum of $ 5,000 in any 7 days.

5.5 Please note that if you want to withdraw funds before wagering an active bonus, you will lose all bonuses and bonus winnings.

5.6 Also, please note that if your bonus balance is zero (0) for any of the reasons, then the active bonus will expire and will no longer be subject to wagering.

5.7 If, after placing a bet, no winnings have been received and the balance of the current bonus has become equal to zero, then the bonus will be cancelled automatically. All winnings on bets that have not been played and were made from the balance of the cancelled bonus will be forfeited.

6. Bonuses types

6.1 Bonuses are presented in two types: withdrawable and non-withdrawable.

6.2 Withdrawable bonuses are those bonuses and bonus winnings that will be transferred to your cash balance immediately after wagering.

6.3 Non-withdrawable bonuses are bonuses, the amount of which will not be added to the Cash Balance (but the number of winnings will be) after the bonus wagering has been completed.

7. Bonus wagering

7.1 The maximum bet for wagering a bonus shall always depend on specific bonus conditions.

7.2 Bonus wagering means the number of bets you must place before the bonus and bonus winnings are credited to your cash balance. The bonus wagering will be stipulated in the rules for each specific bonus and will be presented as a multiplier of the bonus size or the bonus amount and the deposit made at the same time.

7.3 Not all bets will count towards wagering. Bets on Blackjack, Roulette, Arcade (Heads or Better, Dice Twister and others), Video Poker (Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, etc), Baccarat, Casino Hold'em, 2 Ways Royal, Craps and Sic Bo are counted in the amount of 1 % when wagering. All other slot games are accounted for 100%. But the project has a limitation on wagering bonuses, they cannot be wagered in the following slots:

  • Provider Habanero: Fortune Dogs, Knockout Football, Egyptian, Dreams Deluxe, Jump!, Pumpkin Patch, Happiest Christmas Tree, Rolling Roger, Magic Oak, Santa's Village, Presto!, Wild Trucks, Cake Valley, London Hunter, Wizards Want War!, Scopa, Loony Blox, Knockout Football Rush, Jellyfish Flow, Jellyfish Flow Ultra
  • Provider Рragmatic: Queen of Gold, Jade Butterfly, Golden Beauty, Bronco Spirit, The Champions, Jungle Gorilla
  • Provider Playson: Solar Queen, Solar Temple, Solar King
  • Provider Casino Technology: Bavarian Forest, Mighty Rex, Moon Lord, Mountain Song Quechua, The Power of Ankh, Treasures of Persia, Wizard Blizzard
  • Provider Booongo: Poisoned Apple, Poisoned Apple 2, God's Temple, God's Temple Deluxe
  • Provider Netgame: Golden Skulls
  • Provider Triple Cherry: Carnaval do Rio, Starfall Mission.
  • Provider Microgaming: Tomb Rider, Scrooge, Dragon's Myth, Untamed Wolf Pack, Untamed Giant Panda, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Untamed Crowned Eagle, Peek - a - Boo, Stardust, Cool Buck 5 Reel, Beautiful Bones, Zombie Hoard, Le Kaffee Bar, Village People, Magic of Sahara, 11 Champions, Age of Conquest, Banana Drop, Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, Jurassic World, Dragonz, Jurassic Park, Amber Sterling's Mystic Shrine,
  • Provider Rabcat:;Castle Builder II, Forsaken Kingdom,
  • Provider Foxium;:Vampire: The Masquerade - Las Vegas, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion
  • Provider Relax Gaming; Marching Legions
  • Provider Red Tiger:5 Families, Aztec Spins, Bombuster, Three Musketeers, Reel Heist, Well Of Wishes, Spin Town, Lucky Fridays, Ancients Blessing

7.4 These values may change from time to time, so please consult with support in each case to find out the actual betting values for a particular game.

7.5 The percentage of the bet (contribution) that goes towards redeeming the bonus wagering for different games may differ in different bonuses, but this will be stipulated in the rules for a specific bonus. Please read the rules for each bonus carefully.

7.6 It is strictly forbidden to abuse within the framework of any promotions. This includes, but is not limited to:

7.6.1 any strategies with minimal risk, for example, a low-risk roulette bet (any combination of bets that covers 24 (twenty-four) or more out of 37 (thirty-seven) unique places on the table);

7.6.2 placing individual bets over 5 (five) euros before the wagering is completed;

7.6.3 shifting from low or unweighted games (specified in the context of wagering requirements) to heavyweight games after receiving large wins and to remove wagering requirements;

7.6.3 from placing high-risk bets to betting low risk after a big win to meet wagering requirements;

7.6.4 two-level bets;

7.6.5 delay of any round of the game in any game, including the features of free spins and some bonus features, until a later date, when you no longer have valid wagering requirements;

7.6.6 other strategies, taking advantage of any software, bugs, or glitches, or engaging in any activity that we consider to be abuse in our sole discretion.

7.7 If you are involved in any fraudulent scheme or manipulation in the framework of promotions and you are observed to be abused, then this will be considered a violation of the Terms.

7.8 In such cases, and in addition to other remedies available to us, we reserve the right to cancel all promotions in which you participated in, to confiscate any resulting winnings, and to prevent your participation in promotions in the future.

8. Several bonuses in one account

8.1 Bonuses are applied on a queue basis. If an earlier bonus is “wagered” or “cancelled” (see the classification and meaning of bonus statuses below), then the next bonus will become “active”

8.2 There are four stages (statuses) for each bonus:

8.2.1 Active — a bonus that you are currently using, but which has not yet been wagered. As long as you have an active bonus, you cannot withdraw bonus funds and/or any winnings.

8.2.2 Pending — a second or subsequent bonus in your account that has not yet started. Pending bonus cannot be withdrawn.

8.2.3 Cleared — a bonus for which the wagering requirements have been met. The number of funds on your bonus balance, which is associated with the active bonus, will be transferred to your cash balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

8.2.4 Cancelled — an active or pending bonus may be cancelled and removed from your bonus balance if a) You have not met the wagering requirements b) You have decided to withdraw funds before the wagering has been completed or c) You have violated terms and conditions.

8.3 When the bonus is cancelled, your bonus balance becomes zero (0) and is no longer subject to wagering.

9. Terms of free spins

9.1 The following conditions apply to free spins:

Winnings generated from Free Spins are bonus funds and are subject to the terms set out above, which apply to all bonuses (including, for the avoidance of doubt, wagering requirements).

10. Abuse of bonuses

10.1 Our casino reserves the right to view transaction history and logs for any reason and at any time. If during such a review, the abuse of the player's use of bonuses is revealed, the casino has the right to cancel the bonuses for this player.

10.2 If the casino administration determines that a player uses a bonus or other promo for the sole purpose of obtaining a positive result using known methods aimed at safe wagering of the said bonus, then the following actions may be applied to such a player, as well as such the player will be excluded from the current and all subsequent promotions.

10.3 For complete transparency, we provide several well-known examples that we consider unacceptable when wagering bonuses:

A player who places many different bets, each with a minimum expectation of a win, to obtain an increased betting volume with a minimum loss of balance, will be suspected of abuse of bonuses and will be immediately excluded from the current and subsequent bonuses.

10.4 One of the many examples of such a strategy might be to bet on all the numbers on the roulette wheel or to bet on red and black at the same time.

10.5 A player who makes big bets (more than $ 5) to quickly increase the bonus balance, and then sharply reduce the size of the bets (more than half) for no apparent reason and with a sufficient balance, will be suspected of using a system that gives an advantage in the game and abuse of the bonus. Each such case will be considered separately, and the casino administration may take the following measures about such a player. The casino strongly discourages such gambling behaviour.

10.6 Combinations of the above-mentioned ways of playing: any player using a strategy, during which he first makes large bets in games with a small contribution and then switches to games with a large contribution and makes smaller bets (less than the average bet in the previous game with a small contribution), will be instantly excluded from the current and subsequent bonuses, and will also be subject to all the measures described below.

10.7 In case of abuse of bonuses by a player, the casino has the right to apply measures to such a player, namely: remove, cancel all existing bonuses and bonus winnings; block the player's account immediately.

10.8 Please note that a real phone number must be provided upon registration to verify your identity. If it is not possible to contact you, this may be the reason for limiting the use of bonuses, as well as blocking your game account.

10.9 We reserve the right to change, edit, supplement the terms and conditions of using bonuses at any time. It's the players' responsibility to periodically review the terms and conditions.

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