Roulette is rightfully considered the "queen" casino. It appeared several centuries ago, and over its long history, not only has not lost its unsurpassed relevance, but also multiplied it in times. And today to play online roulette for money every day decides more and more true connoisseurs of gambling.

 Origin of this "devil's wheel" is shrouded in mystery, but most scientists believe its homeland France, and its creator - the famous Blaise Pascal (an unsuccessful attempt to invent perpetual motion). The name of the game comes from "roulette", which means "wheel" in French. 

The first mention of it in historical sources dates back to 1655. From France, the game of roulette for money quickly spread to other European countries, in particular honor won in Monte Carlo, and then - and in the United States. 

With the introduction of the ban on casinos in most countries of the world, the industry has moved into the realm of the Internet. And online roulette for rubles today is invariably included in the top slot machines in Russia. A leading global providers continue to develop new varieties of this popular worldwide gambling game, adding to the classics of the new original features.

The key rules of classical roulette

Despite the extremely simple rules, roulette games at online casinos for real money often cause bewilderment to those who encounter such a pastime for the first time. However, in fact, the classics remain classics in both real and electronic roulette.

It is still the same wheel divided into sectors with numbers (the number depends on the variation). In real institutions the ball is started by a croupier, you can spin roulette online automatically by pressing the "Start" button. If the number on which the ball stops, falls within the range of the bet - it means a win. In another case - a loss. 

The player can make all kinds of bets. Internal include all the numbers from 0 to 36. For their designation 3 colors are used (green - zero, 18 digits of red and 18 - black). They also differ in odds and payout ratio:

  • 1 specific number (maximum payout);
  • 2 numbers next to each other;
  • 3 numbers or vertical line;
  • 4 numbers;
  • 6 numbers, or 2 lines vertically.

Outer fields are fields located outside of the playing field (i.e., outside the numbers themselves). They are of the following varieties: even or odd, red, black. You can also bet on sectors (1-18, 19-36), dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) or horizontal lines.

The main types of the game

Play casino roulette for more than a century users prefer to play the classic variations of the game, which arose during its journey around the world. It is easy to draw a parallel: France-Europe-U.S.. 

So, today roulette in online casinos for real money represented the following fundamental types:

  • European roulette - is considered a classic, and consists of 36 numbers and one zero. The only zero gives the dealer an advantage of 2.7%;
  • American Roulette - the presence of an additional sector zero (0 and 00), which determines the increased number of numbers (38 in total), and increases the benefit casino to 5.3%. Another difference - the outer field is located on the other side;
  • French roulette - the rules are identical to the classical version, the only feature - in the case of zero (zero), the participant receives half of the initial payment. And it is thanks to the La Partage rule that the casino's advantage is reduced to a minimum of 1.37%. 

7 effective tips for playing online roulette

To beat the unpredictable wheel at all times dreamed of the most distinguished scientists in the world. Moreover, mathematicians and physicists dreamed not just to snatch a big score, but to find a system that would allow to play with 100% probability of victory. 

Legend has it that the inventor himself went mad, since he could not beat his own creation. Despite the fact that the main reason for the popularity of the game is its unpredictability, many players still rest assured of finding an effective way to play roulette in online casinos for rubles, and win regularly.

In connection with this, you can find on the Internet a huge number of different strategies for betting (Martingale, Anti-Martingale, Laboucher, D'Alamber, Thomas Donald, etc.) and schemes that allow, as assured by their authors and supporters, to maximize profits with minimal losses.

However, do not forget that online roulette, like any other slot machine, running on a random number generator - the algorithm generates completely random sequences of numbers, which processes the program and displays on the screen as the result of the round. 

Therefore, each round of roulette roulette for rubles is predetermined in advance and 100% unpredictable. That in itself confirms the ineffectiveness of any strategy or betting system. As well as all the practical tests carried out. 

But for those who really wants to improve the quality of gameplay, we've gathered some basic tips from experts and experienced players that will help you make the process of playing roulette at online casinos for real money as effective and profitable as possible:

  1. play online roulette for rubles should only be in a reliable and proven virtual casino with a large number of loyal customers, positive statistics of payments and impeccable reputation on the market, guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of the gameplay.
  2. Before you play, carefully read the rules and features of a particular emulator, the individual system of rates and features of the calculation of payments for each of them in the demo version.
  3. Due to the fact that there are many options (premium, standard, etc.), it is best to choose the machine with the highest percentage of payout. According to studies, the French and European versions have much higher odds of winning compared to the American version (which is due to the structure of the wheel).
  4. Properly allocate your budget - you should allocate only the amount of money to play for the day, which will not cause significant damage to your financial situation in case of total loss, and not go beyond the established limits under any circumstances.
  5. Set yourself a maximum limit on your winnings - and always stop when you reach it, as your "lucky" streak can't last forever. Do the same with the loss limit - it's better to save your money, and try your luck another day.
  6. Never try to win back or win more money if your daily limit has already been exhausted, so never sit down to play in a bad mood or under the influence of alcohol. Remember that common sense is the basis for success in any gambling game.
  7. Do not make rashly large risky bets - it is better to distribute your budget on a few small bets, and gradually increase them, if the luck of the day will be on your side. This way you will prolong your game, and the longer the session, the more chances to succeed!

Thus, using all of the above tips, you systematize your process of playing online roulette for money, which in itself can not fail to bring positive results. 

But, nevertheless, do not forget that this is any incarnation of its unpredictable and capricious game of chance in which winning depends on the favor of Fortune. And any strategies will not lead to success, if on this day she turns away from you.

Online roulette roubles at SpinWin casino

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The universe of big winnings offers you to play in our casino online roulette for money from the following providers:

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