Card games are the most popular gambling pastime of mankind for not the first millennium. According to historical sources, playing cards began in the IX century in China, during the Tang Dynasty. Literature mentions the table "game on the leaves.

As for the appearance of paper maps, their emergence is attributed to the Song Dynasty, in the X century. They appeared simultaneously with the emergence of books, and since then have become a favorite pastime of the Chinese nobility.

In Europe, the game of cards spread around the middle of the XIV century, at the same time they came in Russia. With the travel of the countries and the passage of time, the original form began to change, there were new types and rules. So formed the most interesting and popular today card games.

Changed not only the rules, but also the number of elements in the deck, the set of suits and other aspects. Standard modern 52-card deck of 4 suits, appeared in the XVI century in Britain.

Today, playing cards are an integral part of any casino, and enjoys enormous popularity among both beginners and sophisticated players, thanks to the huge number of advantages:

  • Profitability - online cards have a minimal casino advantage compared to video slots and table entertainment. This figure here is only 1%. For comparison, in European roulette the advantage of the gambling establishment reaches 2.7%;
  • to play cards on the internet most users prefer because of the greater space to make their own decisions. It is known that in most virtual card games, 50% of success depends on the skill of the player, and only half depends on Fortune's goodwill. In comparison, the result of the rotation of drums slot machine is fully determined by the random number generator, so it is completely unpredictable;
  • Simplicity - as the leading providers have their own products detailed information sections, to understand all the features and rules can easily understand even a person for the first time with the online casino;
  • Maximum comfort - you can play cards online from the comfort of your home, and free mode allows a quiet environment to choose from the options presented the most interesting and profitable slot, or develop their own winning strategy;
  • At online casinos, the cards are presented in a wide variety of options - from different original varieties to fully consistent with the canons of the classics. Variety allows each gambler to pick a gambling pastime to your liking.

Popular Games 

The most popular card games in casinos are, without a doubt, poker, blackjack and baccarat. They have been in demand since the very beginning of gambling clubs, and have enjoyed great popularity among visitors for centuries.

However, they have not lost their popularity and with the movement of the industry in the virtual sphere, transforming into their own online versions. Today the world's best software developers for online casinos are developing new, original and interesting variations of card games.

Video poker

Poker has a very long and interesting history, counting more than 500 years. It is believed that poker appeared in Europe. However, the first mention of poker in a form close to modern refers to the middle of the XIX century. Since its inception and to this day enjoys a particularly popular poker in America.

Today there are many varieties of poker. However, the main principle remains the same, both in land and online versions. To win, the player needs to collect the most valuable combination (the flush royal).

In most types of video poker classic combinations, perfectly familiar to all players with experience, remain the same. Get acquainted with them in a special section of the selected machine, or in special poker tables, a huge number of presented in the world wide web.


The first mention of blackjack, in a literary work by the famous Miguel de Cervantes, and dates back to the early 17th century. "Twenty-one" was one of the most popular entertainment on the territory of Spain and France (these countries are still fighting for the right to be called the birthplace of blackjack). As for the U.S., here blackjack became popular in gambling establishments only in the mid-twentieth century.

One of its main advantages is the extreme simplicity of the rules. To win, you need to collect a combination in your hand, the sum of which will be 21 points. Winning can also be due to other combinations, the value of which will be higher than the croupier. However, overkill automatically means a loss.

There are three main types of blackjack today - European, American and Spanish. Each of them differs in the number of decks used and the presence of different specific rules.

Baccarat .

Another interesting and popular casino card game is baccarat. Like blackjack, it supposedly originated in the Middle Ages in Italy or France. Used 6-8 classic decks.

The main distinctive feature of baccarat, lies in its very meaning. In order to win, you need to bet correctly. There are 3 kinds of bets - on the croupier, on the player or a draw. If the player guesses who will win in the round - he wins, regardless of the result of the deal.

Also unusual is the calculation of the combination. "Higher" elements here are valued at 0 points (10-king), an ace at 1 point. The value of the others corresponds to their value. The maximum number of points is 9. The contestant with 9 points, or a value close to that number, wins.

Card games at online casino SpinWin

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We offer you to get acquainted with the features and rules of the machine, work out the skill or test the effectiveness of one of the winning strategies in free mode. To play for virtual currency - no need to register on the site.

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