Booongo Entertainment N.V. is one of the youngest and, at the same time, successful developers of slot machines in the modern gambling industry. The key business line of the vendor is innovative cross-platform HD games, which have gained a resounding success in just a few years of existence.

The Booongo brand was founded in 2015 in Austria, and by now it has confidently taken a leading position in the international market of virtual gambling, having squeezed the recognized "giants" of the industry.

The provider works under the Curacao eGaming license, so its activity is regulated by the Curacao Gambling Commission (Netherlands Antilles). Its administrative offices are also located in Taiwan and Curacao.

Slot machines Booongo develops a full cycle - from its own mathematical mechanisms and unique algorithms of gameplay, to the careful development of the storyline and its impeccable quality visualization. And today the video slots Booongo presented in the best online casinos around the world, where consistently fall in the top of the popular.

The main characteristics of Booongo video slots

Used in gambling products Booongo random number generator, which forms the results of game sessions, certified by an independent Maltese accredited laboratory QUINEL Ltd. Therefore, customers are guaranteed 100% fair and unpredictable gameplay, as well as non-interference in the work of the MSG.

Bungo slot machines have a fairly high percentage of returns. Players returns from 94 to 97.5% of made bets (which not only meets but exceeds the established industry standards).

Bungo slot machines are developed on the basis of modern technology HTML5 (among the first companies, this producer refused the outdated Flash solution), so you can play slots from any device.

All Booongo slots without exception are available without the slightest loss of quality playback, both in desktop and mobile versions, and are compatible with all modern operating systems.

Booongo slot machines are designed for a wide target audience, so they are translated into 17 of the most common languages in the world, and the platform allows you to make transactions with a large number of currencies.

As for dispersion (volatility) - the frequency of payments, in most slots Booongo this figure is below average. That is, the vast majority of machines pay small winnings, but the prizes follow almost every spin. And the choice of cycle length is quite justified - as it significantly reduces the financial risks of users.

Slot machines operate on a platform of its own design Booongo, which is one of the main qualitative characteristics of the brand products. Booongo slot machines are played not only from any device (which is already a current requirement of modern gambling) but also completely without fail, regardless of Internet speed and gameplay conditions, and have a minimum set of system requirements, which makes them generally available.

Why do players choose Booongo slot machines?

One of the key reasons for the popularity of Booongo slot machines is the widest variety of genres and themes. Development precedes the study of the interests and wishes of the target audience, so Booongo slots are in high demand among gamblers.

In just four years of its existence, the provider has already released enhanced and improved versions of the most popular machines. New models are released monthly, and today in the collection of slot machines Bungo about 4 dozen slot machines.

When creating slot machines Booongo makes a special emphasis on the quality of design. Used the most advanced three-dimensional and two-dimensional graphics solutions, selected a rich and colorful palette of colors, realistic animation and music tracks perfectly complement the storyline and set the climactic accents during the game, increasing interest and igniting excitement of the participant.

Each game is preceded by an animated splash screen, introducing the player into the action unfolding on the reels, and arouses interest. Provider Bungo consciously abandons the established traditions and patterns in an effort to create a radically new format of the game. And this is expressed not only in unique stories and elements of visual design, but also in the mechanics of gameplay.

The gameplay is equipped with a lot of original bonus features. Are present as familiar and desired by many players special characters and free spins, and thematic quests that fit into the main storyline, where participants have to perform certain tasks, and receive rewards for it.

These mini-games have already become a distinctive feature of slot machines Booongo, along with high-quality graphics, making them recognizable and famous. In addition, Booongo slots are equipped with a huge number of interactive extras.

For example, found such original features as the formation of winning chains on the principle of adjacent cells, "avalanche" - the disappearance of the played characters and their replacement by the next element during a single spin.

In some models, unusual and the scheme of construction and the field - there is no usual rotation of the drums, and the section in which the symbols appear are located originally (for example, the ascending line, increasing in the direction from left to right, or arranged in a circle).

Added to the standard options for controlling the gameplay an unusual feature speeding up the rotation of drums, which allows the player to keep under control the dynamics of gameplay, making it even more exciting.

In this case, despite the original ideas and their non-standard implementation, get acquainted with the rules and features of gameplay, as well as understand the navigation is very simple, regardless of the experience of the user. This simplicity is provided by an intuitive control panel and a limited set of function keys, each of which justifies its name.

Thematic directions of Booongo slots

Despite the desire to create a radically different original product, the collection of slot machines Booongo present not only plot multi-level games, but also the classic "one-armed bandits" (but in a new, spectacular incarnation), without losing relevance.

If a closer look at a selection of slot machines Booongo - you will find the most interesting topics - the mysteries of the Land of the Rising Sun, fairy tales of the peoples of the world, the legends of ancient Egypt, the history of the majestic Roman Empire, the amazing warriors of the North, the world of mysticism and magic, the animate representatives of flora and fauna, and much more.

As an example, we can give a brief description of several popular slot machines Bungo:

  • 12 Animals - the slot is dedicated to the Eastern horoscope, with its 12 zodiacal animal signs. In addition to the symbolic animals made in a characteristic fairy-tale and cartoon style, the mystical yin-yang symbol and the lotus will also appear during the game. Additional features are represented by re-spins with fixed winning symbols. In addition, free spins with special options are formed when matching "seasonal" symbols;
  • Poisoned Apple is based on a beautiful children's fairy tale about Snow White. Symbolism corresponds to the plot of the story - the drums appear the evil stepmother, a beautiful prince, a dwarf, and even a good woodsman. The original bonus is an expanding wild symbol, the mirror. Here you should perform tasks to get rewards in the form of free spins or payouts;
  • Gnomes' Gems - the game is made in honor of the most good-natured and hardworking fairy tale characters - gnomes. Of particular interest is the bonus tour - during the 20 spins activated one of the many additional options - from the destruction of characters to additional spins and the appearance of extra-characters;
  • Hell's Band - the machine is a combination of unusual subjects - rock music and mysticism, and invites everyone to get acquainted with a truly hellish rock band. And in the bonus round will have to fight in the dice with the Lord of Hell himself!
  • Diego Fortune is reminiscent of the infamous Gonzo's Quest. The game is dedicated to the search for Eldorado, and here we have to find the hidden treasure of the Incas in the bonus round.
  • This is a completely nonstandard format gaming machines Booongo, makes an incredibly strong impression even on the most sophisticated gamblers. A innovative graphics, realistic three-dimensional animation and surround sound create an atmospheric gameplay, fully consistent with the latest trends of the era.

With Booongo slot machines player can not only plunge into the atmosphere of magic gambling, but also at the time to become the main character of the exciting game. And the quality of developed products with each time is becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, more and more players are waiting with bated breath for a new amazing release from the provider Bungo!

At online casinos SpinWin you can personally experience all the features and advantages of these, and many other gaming machines Booongo, playing in demo mode, or just - for real money! Do not be afraid to take risks - and the "universe of big winnings" is sure to please you with "space" prizes!

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